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Meeting Resistance: On Writing, Workouts And Endurance

KUSA - The conventional wisdom has changed over time. Mothers-to-bewere once told to stay off their feet. They are now being told to break a sweat. In the video above, 9NEWS anchor Cheryl Prehiem explains why doctors say the benefit isn't just for mom. (KUSA-TV A 2013 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

Well, now you can at least pretend to and get a solid abdominal exercise out of it. Grab a 35- to 45-pound plate and, kneeling or standing, hold it straight out in front of you. Then twist your abdomen back and forth. Try three sets of eight to 12 repetitions. The Flash: Harness Pull If youre looking for the quick feet of Wally West, explosive exercises like harness pulls will help you build speed.

It's tempting to settle into living room DVD hibernation mode, no matter how much I remind myself about the benefits of exercising outside . Naturally, aside from a warm pair of gloves, it takes some pretty motivating music to get me out the door -- and maybe a little delusional dreaming visualization that I'm actually somewhere warm. So pop in some earbuds and listen to these warm tunes. Maybe, just maybe, we can will the cold away. Canned Heat -- Jamiroquai Ice Box, DJ Nabs Remix feat.

Or sometimes it arises from the simple act of sitting down to workthe disquietude that results from what Anne Lamott so brilliantly dubbed your internal radio station, KFKD (K-Fucked): Out of the right speaker in your inner ear will come the endless stream of self-aggrandizement, the recitation of ones specialness, of how much more open and gifted and brilliant and knowing and misunderstood and humble one is. Out of the left speaker will be the rap songs of self-loathing, the lists of all the things one doesnt do well, of all the mistakes one has made today and over an entire lifetime, the doubt, the assertion that everything that one touches turns to shit, company website that one doesnt do relationships well, that one is in every way a fraud, incapable of selfless love, that one has no talent or insight, and on and on and on. ( Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott ) Finally, writing engenders intellectual discomfort: when I cant think of a particular word though its on the tip of my tongue or when I cant figure out what Im trying to say though Im certain its something REALLY BRILLIANT. Exercise has taught me (to borrow a phrase from, I dont know, some company I think they make shoes) to just do it. Sit down and do the work. Be okay with discomfort.

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Free Fitness And Flu Shots In San Antonio

What more could a girl ask for? PHOTOS: Celeb airport style We've also taken a liking to Kelley Baker's highlighter pencil , a brilliant tool for adding radiance and definition to the eye area; as well as VoCe 's Refresh Me dry shampoo for quick touch-ups in the morning when time is Max Workouts scarce. This awesome spray banishes oily roots in a flash! When it comes to fashion essentials this season, we can't get enough of Denimocracy's knit skinny jeans .

Fitness Friday: How old are you, really?

2. Active Family Fun Day is Nov. 16th. This event is offered by the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department and will be a free.

Here is a link to the calculator: . You'll need to know your actual waist size and your resting heart rate. The calculator also gives you your VO2 max rate. This is a measurement of your body's ability to convert oxygen to be used by your muscles when you do anything strenuous. The higher the number, the more fit you are from a cardiovascular standpoint.

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